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Beat Passive

Tactical Volatility Strategy
Signals for: 2020-06-16

Tickers this strategy trades:

Conservative: SVXY, VXX, SPY, TLT, GLD, CASH


Conservative Strategy Allocation

Aggressive Strategy Allocation

These signals are valid as of 2020-06-16 end of market close.
If your allocations are +/-5% of the ones above, no need to make any changes.

All tickers and their allocations for a strategy add up to ~100%

Use the following formula to calculate how many shares to buy of a ticker:

Number of Shares = (allocation percentage in signal * Capital allocated to strategy)/(Price per share for selected ticker)

So for example, if you are running the strategy with a total capital of $10,000 and you need to buy 40% of UPRO, you need:
(0.40 * 10000)/42.68 = 93 shares approximately 

Try placing Market on Close (MoC) orders or limit orders near the closing time of the market for less liquid instruments.

For more details, read the instructions here and/or contact us.